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Plinio Visonà

Few objects, like women's bags, represent much more than a simple accessory. The bag, close to the body, held in the hands, under the arm or on the shoulder, accompanies the daily lives of women, all of them very different from each other. But more than anything, it contains his universe, his secrets and his personality.

Plinio Visonà knew this well when in 1959, still an artisan, he founded his company, which over the years has consolidated itself in the market, pleasing his tastes and often anticipating them. From the beginning, Plinio Visonà understood how attention to detail combined with the quality of the leather and a sober, original and timeless design would take the Italian brand that bears his name far.

The "simplicity" of that concept still resides in Plinio Visonà's professional heritage today: a recognizable aesthetic of quality and good taste, contemporary classicism with a sophisticated restyling that season after season keeps his bags always updated.

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