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His passion for designing unique and exclusive pieces is captured in his MUSULA world. They are timeless haute couture creations made with the delicate Soutage technique; meticulous sewing tradition from the 18th century, which was applied to the embroidery of period costumes and which today is used to make bullfighter costumes, military stripes and important haute couture fabrics.

Músula's obsession is to recover the tradition of handmade work. Each piece is made by expert seamstresses, the process is 100% handmade Made in Spain. This artisanal production chain is completely responsible for the environment, not only in the production and use of materials, but in its packaging made of recycled wood and organic cotton.

Only natural stones, silk threads and hypoallergenic silver are used in its creation. Very striking is its XL size that contrasts with a “feather” weight. The keys to Músula's identity are undoubtedly craftsmanship, elegance and a taste for what is well done. Jewels made with soul and extreme exquisiteness in which their creators imprint a world of feelings and thus turn them into small treasures. Delicate art and fashion stitches. 

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