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Angela Caputi

Angela Caputi Giuggiù's workshop is located near the Ponte Vecchio, in the old town of Florence, in a historic building known as “Palazzetto Mediceo”.

The global recognition of the creator has increased thanks to her unique and inimitable jewelry halfway between design and art. Her pieces have attracted the attention of both Haute Couture and cinematography stylists and Museums. Her creations were exhibited, for example, at the MOMA in New York, at the Museo degli Argenti or at the Galleria del Costume in Florence.

Her designs are recognized for their creativity and constant evolution. Every detail is carefully studied, from the geometric or soft lines, to the wonderful nuances of colors, created from “simple” materials such as synthetic resins. Each piece is an expression of eternity and femininity, through modernity mixed with traditional craftsmanship.

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