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Truly unique and handmade jewelry is often difficult to find, but for Marine Harutyunyan, the German creator with Armenian roots has always been one of her main goals.

First introduced to fine arts and fashion by her grandmother, she cultivated the traditions of her ancestors in both design, tailoring and jewelry.

For Akulis, the ancient city of Syunik in the Greater Armenia area was a place of great beauty and inspiration. Surrounded by mountains, and stretching from north to south in the valley of the Aguli River, it was the Paris of her time; a nexus of literature, fashion and culture, and an enriching trade between the Russian and Western European worlds.

For her, color is always a challenge, and nature, in its simplest form, an inspiration. Using a wide variety of materials, from brass to silver, silk, velvet, recycled fibers and embroidered pieces following ancient traditions, she combines color, shape and texture in each of her jewelry, bringing the aesthetics of times past to the modern world.

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